English Camp

English Camp must be attended a minimum of two times, per semester. That is a fundamental aspect of the contract I am on. It’s unpaid, but effectively provides you with a weekend away to party with teachers and students alike. For English Camp in November, myself and others from Nongbuadaeng Wittaya, were lucky enough to end up at camp in the beautiful national park that is Khao Yai. (See map below)

English camp consists of various activities, with the primary objective to learn some English. Having fun appears to be a lot more important though, so activities are created accordingly! Games and activities included; the chicken dance, man and monk, traffic light game, friend to friend, learning about ASEAN and the powder game. I believe pictures portray more than words can on this part, so here’s a story in pictures…The long songthaew journey begins...SongthaewsArrival at Khao Yai!

Scenery in Khao YaiTraffic Light Game

Hello, hello, hello...

The journey home...


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