The Adventure Begins; Bangkok and Pattaya!

OK, I won’t bore you for too long. Here’s an insight into the start of my adventure;

Oct 19th; Arrived in Bangkok

Oct 20th; Explored the madness that is Khao san road, being offered everything; from a tailored suit, to a fried scorpion, to a wristband with the most ridiculous messages on them, you could possibly imagine. One example; chicken fanny. More examples, below;


Oct 21st; Done the box standard tourist thing, and went to the grand palace. Although I’m not a religious man, and I studied Sustainable Architecture, the temple was outstanding! (See below)


Oct 22nd; As we were in Bangkok, and remained tourists for the time being, it was onto another tourist type destination. The floating market. (See below) When you get to the floating market, barter. We did not, as we didn’t know you should….beforehand, so ended up paying 1000Baht (£20) per head. Despite overpaying, it was worth it!


The night of the 23rd, was our final night in Bangkok. The thought then; go out in style and have a great final night on Kosan road! The result? The discovery of how much vodka are in vodka buckets. Too much. For the love of God, don’t go overboard.

Oct 23rd; A very long bus journey to Pattaya, were Russian is the second language. I kid you not, every sign was written in Thai, Russian and English. Anyway, this journey was followed by a very long sleep to recharge the batteries, before the orientation began.

Oct 24th; The orientation began, with the first news being, I was no longer going to Nan. Blog name ruined already!

Oct 25th; More orientation, more controversy. The night ended with some chilling at the pool. Be quiet by the pool though, or angry Russians will shout at you & potentially throw peanuts.

Oct 26th; Songthaew time. Hopped in the back of a pick up truck with seats, travelling half way across Pattaya, for a phone! Wee adventure with a couple of Americans, proved very entertaining. More bartering occurred.

Oct 27th; FINAL DAY of orientation! Then a 9 hour bus journey from Pattaya to Chaiyaphum. This is where the journey to Nonbuadaeng really begins…

Keep tuned for the next article, focussing on the change!


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