From Cheesetown to Non Bua Daeng?

Alright folks, lifes been a bit mad. The initial two posts should give you an idea of who I am, and what’s happened so far. Those of you who have not read the most recent post, I’m guessing you’re asking; “Why the ****’s ‘Nongbuadaeng in the title?” Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? Unfortunately events occurred out-with my control, which now mean I’m teaching Nongbuadaeng Wittaya School, as opposed to Pua School. I’ll skip the boring details, and focus upon the new location… First and foremost, where’s Nong Bua Daeng? It’s North East of Bangkok, in the Chaiyaphum province and would generally take around 5 hours in the car. (See below)

A benefit of Nongbuadaeng already then, is that it’s around 4 hours closer than Bangkok, via car. Despite being more central than Pua, it remains very ‘Thai’. I have been informed there are numerous Expats who live here, but you’ll be lucky if you see even one tourist. I’ve not even seen an expat yet, that I’m aware of. That made it strange to begin with, as I received many a strange look. Not that they were angry, just curious to why Charlie Chalk was wandering through Nongbuadaeng. In addition, although there are many people who try to speak English within the town, many do not. Hopefully, as a result, my Thai skills will improve!

Having told you that it’s a friendly town, I’ll give you 10 brief points about the town. Just a list of facilities available. I can go into more depth when I explore the town further. The town contains;

1. A 7 Eleven. If you’ve been to Thailand recently, and not seen a 7 Eleven, you’re very unlucky! It sells all your basic grocery needs, from bread to cheese flavoured popcorn…

2. Thai restaurants. Would recommend one, but my allergies prevents this! Oh yeah, nut/egg allergy sufferers; find a western restaurant, 7 Eleven, and eat chicken/pork and rice on a regular basis and you’ll be fine.

3. A market ran on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays; selling everything from BBQ pork, to chicken hearts. There is another market through the week; selling fresh fruit, vegetables and a mixture of meats. Plenty of seafood! If you are a brave chef, then you’ll be in heaven. Although I imagine there are similar markets in other locations…

4. It has bars. Fundamental aspect. I’ve yet to investigate all of them, but thus far they seem to have a friendly atmosphere. Oh yeah, Scots, whisky’s big…but it’s not whisky!

5. An ice cream shop, which sells western food. It’s called Scoop, and this I can highly recommend. Pizza, fish & chips, fruit & ice-cream. Sorted.

6. Coffee shops! If you’re going to teach English, this may be a necessity.

7. Tuk-tuks, one of my favourite things about Thailand. They are ridiculously fun, more so than they should be. ( )

8. Songthaews. They could be the punchline for; what do you get if you cross First Bus with a tuk-tuk? Although Songthaews are more efficient. ( )

9. On a more boring note, there’s a variety of barbers and beauty shops, if you require them.

10. Finally, if you’re not happy, or bored….you’re located an hour away from Chiyapeum town. So head off to Chaiyapeum town and party the night away.

OK, so that’s an intro to the town. More information and pictures shall follow in time. Before I go, I’ll let you see my wee home, in Nongbuadaeng. (see below)

My house, in the middle of my street.

My house, in the middle of my street.

The street that I live on.

The street that I live on.

It’s located directly next to the two other ‘Farangs’ at my school. Both cool characters with great accents; an Aussie and a South African. It’s also located on a friendly but quiet street, within a 5 minute walk from….well….EVERYTHING. In this heat, it can feel like a 20 minute walk though. On that note, a massive thanks to Willis Haviland Carrier, for the invention of air con.

Cheers for reading folks, more to come soon regarding my visits to Pattaya (the Thai beach resort filled with Russians) and Bangkok (a place where ANYTHING goes).

Sa Wat Dee Khrap!


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