Hi folks,

I’ve lived in Scotland for 21 years, but foreign lands await. Following graduation, I decided I wasn’t ready for the box standard 9-5 lifestyle. The question was, what next? That’s when I discovered TEFL (Teaching English in a Foreign Language)!  All you require is a degree certificate, TEFL qualification (preferably) and the relevant paperwork (VISA, CRB Check etc). No experience is required! This won it for me. Following 4 years of job hunting, with EVERY job expecting you to have experience, this was a TEACHING JOB requiring NONE! In addition, you get to live in an amazing country, discovering a new culture and language. This opportunity was too good to turn down. Before you could say Jesus backwards, I had signed a contract to teach English in the land of smiles! The location of my adventure, if you didn’t guess from the title, is Pua Nan, Thailand.


As I’m travelling, I thought I’d join the blogging bandwagon. ‘From Cheesetown to Pua Nan’ is designed to provide an insight into my adventure, hopefully featuring interesting stories and valuable tips! Why should you stay tuned then?

1. I have no teaching experience, but I’m set to teach classes of 50 students.

2. I have a nut allergy. Nuts are a key ingredient and/or garnish in many Thai meals.

3. I have never travelled abroad on my own. Thailand will offer a massive culture shock.


Before I complete my introduction, I’ll to clear things up for those not based in ‘Cheesetown’…

Cheesetown is the nickname of Kirkliston, a small town based on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Possibly to your disappointment, it’s not made out of cheese… The name ‘Cheesetown’ allegedly came from Irish navvies – based in Kirkliston – often eating cheese sandwiches during their lunch hours, while working on the construction of the Forth Rail Bridge.


Lao Tzu once said; “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

On October 18th, I fly to Bangkok! Let the adventure begin!


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